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About Deus: GOD’s Names and Lectical Image is Re-defined

SOWMESHA University is a home to all of the world’s best scholars, researchers and experts in diverse fields. We pride ourselves in providing value-adding research intensive hub via the university with a reputation for excellence and a strong and vibrant research culture. As result of that, Our ambition is to engender a Science belief in learning for life and to stimulate growth through education. We foster in our students and fellow educators the spirit and the will to advance themselves and to thrive in their communities.

The skills and attributes required to succeed in our rapidly evolving world are many and varied but yet underlined triwyou (WWW) system adoption, and the successful attainment of which underpins all our efforts. To this end, we are deeply committed to providing the ways and means for our students not only to gain knowledge, but also to grasp this knowledge with perspective and judgement, ultimately creating tangible outcomes and bright futures.

Politely, here we are aiming to describe one of our God’s old adage names and better known as “DEUS” though historically is the episodic age of Latin livelihoodsm timetational period.

The word  “Deus” is a Latin dsoundingly first, as a name translationally while we have also reconfirmed it through Poem writing and resonging via Anglo-english semilingual languages specially Somali language version in accordance with this attached music song and from that community.

Obviously, since that era, the name Deus is common with a lot of tangible meaning historicatively, informatively and educatively because of its vitality for the non-generation episode teenage as Latin as it was typical human-like startation creation system and goodwill wishing storytelling hubssaw geoimage.

The University of SOWMESHA is a collegiate research university based in the internet. It is the largest university in the world in particularly the lower chamber.

Hypotocrilly, the word dsound is one telling that God is birds-like in particularly peacock-bird while in the formality cause idea is just streaming and pronoun geoshape by means of pronouncing process and that is why the in science realm storytelling of the nature’s wonders, is few but yet a one with sights compare to the magnificent beauty of birds in the animals sector.

Apart from our Journalisaw booklet and need further bicyclization to listen the dsound of the word please go and visit google-translate and have time to listen it from there space by technical teachingly


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