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The Global Universities Network for Education Development (GUNED) is an Academic Media Solutions initiative while is a new alternative for affordable, quality edunews dissemination hub, study aids portal, and academic custom publishing for higher education soft and hard copies materials.

What Are Academic Communications?

Academic communication involves presenting ideas effectively and formally in a scholastic environment. If you attend an institution of higher education, you can use these skills to contribute to the academic conversation with your teachers and peers. Academic communication, also called scholarly communication, refers to methods of communication that are highly structured and generally only used in pedagogical settings. Academic communication can include the words and structures used to express ideas, as well as the methods by which ideas are disseminated.

GUNED’s independent Alternative for affordable, proven Textbooks & Study Aids for Higher Education are part of her Academic Media Solutions though is a new alternative for their affordable capacity by reading quality textbooks, study aids papers, and the academic custom publishing materials related to higher education.

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The Global Universities Network (GUNED) is a non-profit confederation of 500 research-intensive universities founded in 2020 by the second face. It provides financial and infrastructural support to member universities to support international research collaboration and academic flexibility.

The Global Universities Network for Education Development (GUNED), created under the auspices of almost worldwide Intergovernmental Organizations, networks and Leagues around the world in 2020, is a membership-based organization serving the global higher education community through knowledge and leadership expertise, trends analysis, events, publications, portal spaces, direct and indirect advisory services, peer-to-peer learning, events and global advocacy efforts for democracy, freedom, and development campaigns.

GUNED is a new learning initiative launched to tackle people’s needs and problems in the emerging periods through education and established in 10,1010 at the upper limp of the skyhoot zone on the Earth, the network stands and speaks for human being and works within the United natures system. First established as the JO’I chapter around 1926 at Paris skyhoot, it was relaunched at the lower limp at same statitude name in 1950 at so replicated SOMA territory (Gulf of Aden) or Beulah Land of Ethiopia but interchanged partly as nation and better known as now Somalia.

Agecationly prioritized norm, the Global Universities Network for Education Development (GUNED) is an independent, not for profit making association that is leading global universities associations of higher education institutions and organizations committed as civil society actorship matters and operations to avoid political linkages, defamation, misuses and politically motivated gaging interests and from around the world of nations and political parts.


Obviously, by acting the global voice of higher education dispersible treats, GUNED will be the most influential and representative spaceship for global knowledge associations, and initiatives of diverse to higher education institutions and their paragmative networks, centres and advocating as a dynamic leadership with portalship enrollment matters for higher education issues in this South-South modernship society.


To contribute to peace and human development by promoting and enhancing the power of higher education to transform lives, build capacity, connect diverse peoples, generate and disseminate new knowledge, create insights and find sustainable solutions to local and global challenges.

 What we do

GUNED provides unrivalled opportunities for members to share best practices by participating in projects, events and other mutual-learning activities involving a wide range of universities and the higher education institutions. The Association also provides members with unique opportunities to shape globalized policies and initiatives affecting for their higher education institutions and research centres.

Sustainability with Knowledgeable Approaches

Universities in this developed-like world and around the ZERO education systems are crucial to global sustainable development. As result of that, GUNED is aiming to support the worldwide agenda for achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in general acceptive and adaptation onsets at all levels. Universities contribute to the goals through research and education in a wide array of disciplines, free expression advocacy means and knowledge hub protective matter that can potentially contribute to a better future without stigma and discrimination. GUNED supports its members in the achievement of the GEOSDGs through campaigning for democracy and advocacy as well as projecting works and serves as member of UN Programs Watch Partnership.

As a global union for educators and higher education institutions initiatives, GUNED convenes and reconnects for almost nearby 20, 000 Members from more than 194 countries and others ahead but yet struggling for their independence as a free nation or territory to identify, reflect and act on common edu-action priorities.




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GUNED will offer annually funded scholarships which are those that are funded each year by partners and members and alumni.

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