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Campus webinar: Artificial intelligence and academic integrity

Amanda Crowfoot GUNED Secretary General thrilled to witness the Academics from Campus+ member institutions discuss the impact that generative AI such as ChatGPT is having, and will have, on academic integrity.

Jenny Davis


Christine Slade


Benjamin Liu


Daniel Zhengkui Wang

Four directions for assessment
1. How ChatGPT killed my discussion
2. An examination of student
3. Five common misconceptions on writing
4. How to support multilingual
Four directions for assessment

Generative AI is testing the limits of what can be considered independent and honest academic work. And it’s only the beginning. In this webinar global experts consider the impact this new technology is having on the existing safeguards set up to protect academic and research integrity and how it will shape their future.

Four panellists from Campus+ partner institutions in the Asia-Pacific region discuss:

-Where does this rank in terms of impact we can expect on academic integrity compared with previous major disruptions such as the internet, the calculator, etc?

-How can educators help students harness AI for greater learning outcomes?

-Does our definition of integrity need to evolve along with the advancement of AI technologies?

-How do universities need to adapt their policies on IP and plagiarism?

-How do you see generative AI changing the practice of academic research and integrity?

Our panellists:

Daniel Wang Zhengkui is an associate professor and director of the Data Science & AI Lab in the Singapore Institute of Technology. His research brings together the fields of data science, artificial intelligence and big data.

Christine Slade specialises in assessment, academic integrity and artificial intelligence in education at the University of Queensland, Australia. She is actively involved in supporting the responsible use of generative AI in both tertiary and K-12 schooling curricula.

Benjamin Liu specialises in financial markets law and the law of artificial intelligence at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. He has published research papers in both local and international peer-reviewed journals and has been invited to serve as a visiting professor at institutions such as Hong Kong University, City University of Hong Kong and China University of Political Science and Law.

Jenny Davis is associate professor of sociology at the Australian National University (ANU) and deputy director of ANU’s Humanising Machine Intelligence Programme.


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