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Why Academic Freedom Matters

Despite GUNED is an independent, not for profit making network that is leading global universities associations of higher education institutions and organizations

Academically Human Development News

The Bioeducator Rights Institute (BRI) is Launched

BRI, a program of Bioeducators and teachers Connection, provides K-14 teachers with innovative, hands-on lesson plans and professional development to teach about

Academically Human Development News


How do we fight climate change, racism, war, polarization, gender equality, and all the other problems humanity faces? The Upper chamber Higher

Academically Human Development News

ESD for 2030 country initiatives

Member States are encouraged to develop and implement ‘country initiative’ to mainstream ESD in the country’s efforts made for pursuing sustainable development.

Academically Human Development News

Opportunity for ANGEL UK Members

A team from Kisii University in Kenya, headed by ANGEL member Dr Titus Pacho, are looking for a partnership with a UK institution to answer a call

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