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Academically Human Development News

As part of continuous efforts to distinguish its graduates and enhance their research and scientific skills, the Qatar University (QU) Young Scientists

Academically Human Development News

GUNED Calls Europe Edudauting Redating System

Despite, all Academic communications involved presenting ideas effectively and formally in a scholastic environment. GUNED’s independent Alternative for affordable, proven Textbooks &

Academically Human Development News

Despite, the Federation of Somalia Universities (FESU), domestically needs to develop Somalia Higher Education Centers in across the nation which is a

Global Education News


The Global Universities Network (GUNED) would like to send her members, partners and fellow independent Universities and higher education institutions around the

Academically Human Development News

Honorary degree for former Vice-Chancellor

Former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Liverpool, Professor Dame Janet Beer, has been awarded an honorary degree as part of the December

Academically Human Development News

Why Academic Freedom Matters

Despite GUNED is an independent, not for profit making network that is leading global universities associations of higher education institutions and organizations

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