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FAU Executive Committee Meeting is ended by exchanging the world-class research, education and knowledge

The Federation of African Universities (FAU) is a membership-based organisation serving the national higher education community through: expertise & trends analysis, publications & portals, advisory services, peer-to-peer learning, events as well as doing national, regional, continental and global level advocacy by developing Africa higher education system and their networking and cooperation assets.

The Federation of African Universities (FAU) committee chair said “We collaborate continentally on regional-class research, education and knowledge exchange, to benefit and sustain people, planet, prosperity, and peace and by copying it to African continent via adaptation”.

The inaugural meeting of the Federation of African Universities (FAU) and her Executive Committee members gathering was taking place during the Sub-Saharan Africa Universities ranks announcement, at Kempinski Hotel, Gold Coast City and hosted by Ashesi University on June 26, 2023.

However, there was a Gala dinner featuring the exclusive live reveal of the inaugural the Sub-Saharan Africa Rankings 2023 while many members from FAU honored and appeared the top 100 African universities qualitatively and quantitatively.

The Federation of African Universities (FAU) is an outstanding initiative that brings together academics from different universities to work on issues of continental importance. FAU have found the support from UNESCO, GUNED, AFDP, GCE and many other development initiatives and foundations to be very productive in terms of encouraging students and staff exchange, developing ideas for joint funding and publications, and building a broader network of academics within the FAU and beyond.

The academic report will be published soon and click here to read more


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