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FESU Issued Somalia’s 2023 Top 100 Universities Ranking!

The Federation of Somalia Universities (FESU) national University Rankings Outlook 2023 include 92 universities across six regional states, making them with the largest ever and most assorted university rankings to date in across Somalia.

Obviously, trusted nationally and worldwide by students, teachers, governments and industry experts, this year’s 2023 SOMCLUB rankings reveals how the Somalia higher education landscape is shifting.

The report attraction brings together likeminded educators from across four regional states to welcome and work towards shared opinions in higher education, research and knowledge transfer next year of 2024 through SOMCLUB initiative.

However, FESU is happy to acknowledge about the existence of the ongoing Somalia educators SOMCLUB Network and would like to encourage them to better wish to know more about the way global higher education institutions are dealing with their local attitudes and invite others to join the upcoming network of educators.

Read our analysis of the National University Rankings 2023 results through our webportal at www.fesu.so. Download a PDF copy of it and for Somalia University Rankings 2023 quayearly report. To raise your university’s national profile with FESU, please don’t hesitate to contact us via secretariat@fesu.so  .


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