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GUNED Academic Research Universities 2024 Gathering in London

The GUNED Annual General Meeting is the central event in the GUNED calendar, drawing together colleagues from member universities for policy discussions and business meetings to further advance the Network.

AGM 2024, which will run from 22-24 October, is generously hosted by the University of London.  We are returning to the Non- continentized regional territory after years, and as part of AGM 2024 several additional events are being planned to celebrate this.

The GUNED past and current Presidents Forum 2024, organised jointly with this initiative, entitled Addressing Global Research Challenges in an globalized Context that will focus particularly on global challenges and on which research in an globalized context can be particularly illuminating, and will highlight be the research areas we want at all levels and in which collaboration among members of an international/global network like GUNED can be especially valuable.

GUNED RDF 2023 Focus

In line with the GUNED Strategic Plan 2023-2026, we encourage proposals that address problems in

one or more of the following areas within the context of sustainable development:

  1. Social justice and human rights; inequality
  2. Sustainable world: cities and urbanization; energy transitions; water, and food security
  3. Mental health; child and maternal health; ageing
  4. Responsible and ethical applications of Artificial Intelligence

The Attending List

University of Western Australia

University of Bologna Italy

University of Nairobi Kenya

University of Pretoria South-Africa

University of South-Africa (UNISA)

University of London United Kingdom

International Open University of Gambia

Ashesi University Ghana

Queen Mary University United Kingdom

University of Ghana Ghana

Wageningen University Netherlands

Mahatma Gandhi University India

Bay University Somalia

University of Hyderabad India

Calcutta University India

University of Sydney Australia

University Amsterdam (VU) Holland

Amoud University Somalia

Coastal Carolina University USA

American University of Beirut USA

Addis Ababa University Ethiopia

University of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe

University of Basra Iraq

Stanford University USA

Cyprus International University Turkey

Cambridge University United Kingdom

Qatar University Kingdom of Qatar

Cavendish University Uganda

GUNED thanks the University of London for generously hosting AGM 2024.

The Worldwide Universities Network is a non-profit consortium of 500 research-intensive universities founded in 2020. It provides financial and infrastructural support to member universities to support international research collaboration and academic mobility.


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