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The Global Universities Network (GUNED) would like to send her members, partners and fellow independent Universities and higher education institutions around the world her latest dispatch and greeting memo over the end year of 2023 and hopes to anew year of 2024 to be progressive cooperative and goodwill devo-year.

The Global Universities Network (GUNED) is a non-profit confederation of 500 research-intensive universities founded in 2020 by the second face. It provides financial and infrastructural support to member universities to support international research collaboration and academic flexibility.GUNED is an Academic Media Solutions initiative while is a new alternative for affordable, quality edunews dissemination hub, study aids portal, and academic custom publishing for higher education soft and hard copies materials.

What Are Academic Communications?

Academic communication involves presenting ideas effectively and formally in a scholastic environment. If you attend an institution of higher education, you can use these skills to contribute to the academic conversation with your teachers and peers. Academic communication, also called scholarly communication, refers to methods of communication that are highly structured and generally only used in pedagogical settings. Academic communication can include the words and structures used to express ideas, as well as the methods by which ideas are disseminated.

GUNED’s independent Alternative for affordable, proven Textbooks & Study Aids for Higher Education are part of her Academic Media Solutions though is a new alternative for their affordable capacity by reading quality textbooks, study aids papers, and the academic custom publishing materials related to higher education.

Our growing portfolio of quality, affordable textbooks and study aids are designed to meet the needs of today’s students and faculty. In addition, we take great care and make every effort to ensure that our products are supported with outstanding customer service.

Please click here to read more about GUNED by joining it also click here in order to get the all information you can getinvolved. Also click here to read the members NewsBlog.

When you join GUNED you will get access to other Global Universities Associations including UNESCO led the International Association of Universities (IAU), Worldwide Universities Network (WUN), International Research Universities Network IRUN), Global University Associations Forum (GUAF), International Network of Universities (INU) Matariki Network of Universities (MNU) Univetsity Global Partnership Network (UGPN) and the Global University Network for Innovation (GUNI).

You can find after joining GUNED University data papers and News publications and asked grants global student leaders to give their assessment and by setting new International Higher Education Quality control IHE benchmarks in sustainability education.


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