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Megapayting Global HEI Internationalization Protopolicy into Airiams Family of UN System

Despite, the WED article 8th of the Global Education Twelve Orthodox Blonde (GETOB) is described the democratic freedoms to learn, be part of learning institutions family FESU is underlined to reopen doors to other International Higher Education Institutions (IHEI) just to be domestic partnership representing Somalia Universities and other education institues exist locally without prestigma and discrimination while her members and non-members are eligible to join global university associations not involved political adjointment assemblies.

Obviously, many global Intergovernmental organizations are not widely know about the WED-GETOB protopolicy aims and its matrixflag mechanism including the United Nations (UN) but yet there hope to be well involed while UNEP knows what the WED word stands for mothershiply.

The Federation of Somalia Universities (FESU), created under the auspices of UN Strategic Joint for Educational Matters Development UNSJEDM)  in 2022, is a membership-based organisation serving the national higher education community through: expertise & trends analysis, publications & portals, advisory services, peer-to-peer learning, events as well as doing national, regional, continental and global level advocacy by developing Somalia higher education system after the collapse of the central government since 1990.

However, since Somalia is member state of UN and her differental working agencies. the Federation of Somalia Universities (FESU) calls for political clearance from UNESCO and to both member and non-member universities need to join global higher education institutions including the UNESCO-led International Association of Universities (IAU) because it can’t be private one with money-network aims initiatively while joining.


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