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Outstanding Doctoral Research Awards (ODRAs)

The Global Universities Network for Education Development (GUNED) is planning to arrange Outstanding Doctoral Research Awards (ODRAs) in across the World on 2024-2025.

The Kedis Outsmarting Course (KOC) is two years Research Project starting from 2024-2025 in order to serve as the main global education point in which is partner with UNESCO and other civil society organizations working within the field of education due to their respective institutions understanding to the venture and to act as a liaison point between their institutional bridges and the United Nations (UN) education agency UNESCO.

The professors from around the worldwide are invited to send us their syllabus nearby the end 2025 in particularly October in order to reward them if they will answer the whole questions during the project period by reviewing and producing an manuscript for the KOC-knowledge as it will be giving to them some cash rewards.

Focus Areas

  • Higher education teaching, learning, curriculum, assessment, policy, management, leadership, and related areas
  • Digitization, internationalization, and democratization of higher education, and related areas such as lifelong and lifewide learning
  • Innovation, change, and reflections on current practices
  • Issues around teaching and learning, especially those discussions which seek to inform practice are encouraged, ensuring the journal has validity and relevance in the fast-change higher education landscape.

The Global Universities Network for Education Development (GUNED) is aiming to reshare the world students, teachers, scholars, educators and researchers the latest science academy in education edutips, matters and knowledge through questionaries with informative and educative manuscript books after the project conclusion.

The GUNED network core value is to bring together likeminded institutions from across three tribal societies and from two geoworlded territorial spaces with different religious believes as well as from different colors without stigma and discrimination and to work towards shared objectives in education, research and knowledge transfer.


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