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Qatar University Unveils ICET Dec 2023: A Global Innovation Hub

Qatar University (QU)’s College of Engineering proudly announced the forthcoming Third International Congress on Engineering and Technology (ICET), scheduled to take place from 3 to 7 March 2023. Under the esteemed patronage of HE Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, this landmark event promises to be a beacon of innovation, scientific advancement, and international collaboration.

The ICET, encompassing the 15th International Conference on Applied Energy, the 15th International Conference on Social Robotics, and the International Conference on Resilience in Mobility and Logistics: Challenges and Opportunities, stands as a testament to QU’s commitment to fostering technological advancements on a global scale.

A collective effort supported by leading entities, Qatar Petrochemical Company QAPCO stands tall as the Platinum Sponsor for The ICET, joined by Qatar Shell as the Gold Sponsor, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change as the Silver Sponsor, and the Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ as the Contributing Sponsor. This unity of sponsorship symbolizes a concerted dedication to driving progress and innovation in the technological landscape.

Dr. Khaled Kamal Naji, the Dean of the College of Engineering, envisions ICET in December 2023 as a pivotal platform for the exchange of technical prowess, the publication of groundbreaking research findings, and the presentation of innovative policies across diverse domains. He stated, “This congress includes plenary sessions and keynote lectures on various aspects encompassing energy applications, social robotics, flexibility in mobility, and logistics. We anticipate this event to serve as a platform for the exchange of technical knowledge, the publication of high-quality research findings, and the presentation of groundbreaking policies and scientific advancements across these domains.”

He further elaborated, “The Congress has received a substantial volume of abstracts and scientific papers from a diverse international pool seeking participation in the three conferences. Our aim is to attract more submissions, with the understanding that the scientific papers will be published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.””

Drawing attention to the international participation, Prof. Abdelmagid Hammuda, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the College of Engineering, emphasized the 15th International Conference on Energy Applications (ICAE2023). He stated, “The conference aims to gather experts in sustainable energy and applications to deliberate on the future of sustainable energy and transitions towards clean and renewable energy sources, including hydrogen energy. It will feature renowned international experts and researchers engaging in keynote speeches, plenary sessions, workshops, oral presentations, and a poster session.”

Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Ali, Director of the Al Kindi Center for Computing Research, underscored the significance of the 15th World Conference on Social Robotics, emphasizing its role in integrating intelligent robots into society and setting new milestones in human-robot interaction.

From her side, Dr. Shaima Al-Qaradaghi, Director of the Center for Qatar Transportation and Traffic Safety at QU, highlighted the objectives of the Global Conference on Flexibility in Mobility and Logistics. This conference aims to curate best practices, share invaluable knowledge and experiences, offer insights from distinguished speakers, and foster collaboration between research and industry domains.

The conference has already received a remarkable volume of abstracts and scientific papers from a diverse international pool. With an aim to attract further submissions, the organizers highlight the opportunity for scientific papers’ publication in peer-reviewed journals, thus amplifying the impact of novel research.


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