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QU Library Inaugurates Commemorative Qatar University Archives’ Exhibition

Qatar University (QU) Library proudly opened a nostalgic photo exhibition in the esteemed presence of Sheikh Dr. Abdulla bin Ali Al-Thani, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees. The event, inaugurated by Sheikh Dr. Abdulla Al-Thani, Deputy Chairman of the University’s Board of Trustees, and Professor Dr. Ibrahim Al-Kaabi, Vice President for Academic Affairs, showcased a significant part of Qatar University’s rich legacy.

The exhibition, held at QU Library, provides a historical glimpse into the university’s buildings, sports events, and memorable moments of its early graduates. It features a collection of photographs, memorabilia from the first graduating batches, and ancient seals, offering a comprehensive view of QU’s illustrious journey.

The opening ceremony, attended by a large number of university staff and esteemed guests, included the screening of a documentary featuring rare recordings of the late Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad Al-Thani—may he rest in peace—the former Amir of Qatar. During his reign, the foundation of the university was laid, and his words and directives played a crucial role in its establishment.

Following the documentary, Sheikh Dr. Abdulla Al-Thani, accompanied by university officials, toured the exhibition. The tour provided a closer look at the historical narrative, encompassing the university’s buildings, sports events, early graduate memorabilia, and ancient seals.

In a statement during the exhibition’s inauguration, Sheikh Dr. Abdulla bin Ali Al-Thani emphasized the significance of the event in preserving the university’s memory. He commended the efforts of those involved in reminding the public of a pivotal era in the establishment of the nation’s foremost educational institution. Sheikh Dr. Abdulla urged individuals possessing photographs from that period to contribute them to the library, ensuring their preservation and display in this crucial exhibition.

Addressing the audience during the event, Mrs. Asma Al-Buainain, QU Library Director, expressed her gratitude to the attendees, the library team, and contributors for their efforts in making the exhibition a success. She stated, “Many faculty members today yearn to revisit and witness these images that remind them of an essential period in their academic and professional lives. The exhibition serves as a vital means to revive the collective memory of an entire generation.”

Former university employees, faculty members and visitors attending the exhibition expressed their joy at reliving old memories through pictures of the university’s founding structure and events. The showcased images brought back recollections of personalities who have departed, yet their contributions and memories persist to this day.
Mrs. Asma Al-Buainain also encouraged individuals with historical photographs to contribute to the exhibition. She acknowledged the importance of preserving the contributions of those who have played a significant role in shaping the university. The exhibition stands as a tribute to their dedication, deserving recognition and appreciation.


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