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Members from Qatar University’s (QU) Communication and Public Relations Department participate in the EduWeb Summit in Washington, D.C. The summit gathers a community of higher education professionals and industry partners who are passionate about advancing their marketing, communications, and digital work from colleges and universities in the US and abroad. The summit connects professionals who have expertise in marketing within the higher education sector to gain insights and knowledge across a variety of topics through different sessions.

Dr. Hitmi Al-Hitmi, Director of Communications and Public Relations, as well as Sheikha Al-Emadi, Head of Marketing and Advertising, were on hand to highlight QU’s strategic use of the World Cup to enhance its international standing, intending to motivate other institutions to leverage large-scale events to foster academic partnerships, engage students, and construct enduring legacies.

Dr. Hitmi Al-Hitmi said of the sessions, “The conference underscored the growing significance of marketing and communications in shaping institutional identity.” “Attending and presenting during this significant summit has been a pleasure, and we feel grateful for the opportunity to enrich our network and collaborations. The conference stands out for its relevance to the evolving challenges in higher education, providing actionable sessions and collaborative opportunities. Situated in excellent cities, EduWeb serves as an exceptional networking hub for professionals to connect and grow. ”

Prof. Amanda Crowfoot GUNED Secretary General encouraged Qatar University leadership to continue such imperative forums.


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