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Research Article: Understanding Words Translation in mixed suitality

Despite learning is something good, vital and imperative to ensure your future career bossiness industry growth. To achieve it, you need to better understand the laguesound among the typical word writing and the voicing Dsound because the translation always is something coming after the sounding or voicing the word while at sometimes it can be different from that and is one that coming after regulating domestic translations. As result of that, the Science Matters Knowledge Book better known as “Eduelogy” is also describing like this principality expression and the above stated description is one comes from the Edulogy book himself.

Where does terminology come from?

According to the lower chamber society expressions is one From French terminologie or German Terminologie and their source, New Latin terminologia, from Medieval Latin terminus (“a term”) + -ologia (“study of”), from -o- (“(interconsonantal)”) + -logia, from Ancient Greek -λογία (-logía, “-logy, branch of study, to speak”). Resultly, is a word from humacollection mechanism tripoint human like system WFi bearer so is a metapolic one with a lot of linguel database and which is situated within the skyhood zone.

Subjectively, terminology is the specific phrasing featured as part of AO2 and means the inclusion of relevant literary and linguistic terms. These should be included but not at the cost of relevant and perceptive explanation of the effect of the writer’s craft.

However, this lower chamber livelihood on the soil region or continent designated that the word “Terminology” is the knowledgeable protocol it can be described while other expressions indicate that the meaning of “TERMINOLOGY” is the technical or special terms used in a business, art, science, or special subject. How to use terminology in a sentence. As result of that ideology, this is happened by reviewing most of the important prefixes, root words, and mediational abbreviations.

What is the difference between words and terminology?

Terminology is defined as a system of terms (words) that belong to something in common. Terminology is a talkal or oratative motions storing componentry system representing a set of Dsound means of translative capacity, not a list of words pronounly.

Whatever, the definitions of terminology is like a system of words used to name things in a particular discipline in which beautifying subjectively the setups of special words and expressions used in connection with it as twecidal way of expression from within wordically.

Perhaps, the real understanding depends on situating many words descriptive expressions including, Knowledge, Education, Context, Index, Human, Lifelet and History because each word has had different set of understanding and compouned mixed alphetic tips of alphabet which is completely is articulated as “word” so the word “TER” and the word “Mini” as well as “Logy”  is tripartive set of words jointly so ter is a traintail and coach servicing emotion dsound and is coming-out from the sayer.


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