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What factors should Upper chamber Educators and HEI’s authorities look at when assessing risks associated with impure Education Eduscripts gathering?

The Global Universities Network for Education Development (GUNED) thrilled to acknowledge her upper affiliates general gathering in July 24-26, 2023 while their bilateral outlooked education matters and Higher Education conference (EMHE) is aimed to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers, and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Collaborative Learning, Teaching and Education.

The human being minds knowhow temperature screening was agreed that is a less effective than promoting hand writing hubs, mentalism-menominal restoring hygiene. social science education learning qualitative and quantitative observances at all levels. As result of that, it was collected that the health declarations allowing education learning tracing suitabilities must be redefined and recorrect.

communicating the stakeholders associated with the education field there were an importunity discussion was shared during the conference in which causes the opportunity providing considerations related opening Free WED WebPortal and better named “Generations E-learning Education Library (GEEL) by using it as library communication and community engagement strategy.

There are three main steps that was agreed to share-out by announcing publicly their importance and vitality related matters within the education sector in order to make sure the sector health healing, data storing and expanding her knowledge offerings while it was widely underlined that the education sector authorities should need to consider when assessing risks associated with edumass knowledge gatherings:

  • To allocate a new public civic education project in order to response the SDGs 2030 appeal principality obligation from Zero upbringing and to the whole human being livelihoods without copying stigmatization senses, discrimination tactics and the lack of human rights protection feelings;
  • By ensuring the needs to make sure an assessments research papers of risk factors for the edumass gatherings and its existances, including COVID-19 events timetation and episode and other risks;
  • By scheming of mitigation measures to be implemented to reduce the lack of pure education and the science matters in the education sector as well as risk associated with the edumass manuscripts subjecting and facultizationing;

These three steps together will help guide a decision to restrict, modify, postpone, cancel or proceed with holding any gathering which can damage human being transformative developments, integrations and cooperations. For public advertisements, this kind of risk assessment should be undertaken by national, inter-regional, continental and global level authoritative systems and advocacy.

However, the participated comrades from Abi university, Sowmesha University and Gzero University were happy to acknowledge about the existence of the International Networking efforts and other matters related to global HEI internationalization processes still under way to reimplement as GUNED wish to know more about their cooperative supports related the SDGs development and from their side in order to initiate it worldwide level through better and open networking.

GUNED will collaborate UNESCO and ICESCO agencies by means of Geodomo policy implementation over the world-similarity research for the education and knowledge exchanges protocol equalizing aim to benefit and sustain people and planet prosperity and peace.


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