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Why Academic Freedom Matters

Despite GUNED is an independent, not for profit making network that is leading global universities associations of higher education institutions and organizations cand ommitted as civil society actorship matters and operations to avoid political linkages, defamation, misuses and politically motivated gaging interests and from around the world of nations and political parts. As result of that we are interesting to republish and share our global members an article features for the education industry freedom rights, yet analyzing its misbelieves from within and looking the goodwill away forwards. Wrote by Cheryl Hudson and Joanna Williams (Eds.), on September 2016

They were underlined that yet the the seemingly novel nature of current preoccupations, debates over academic freedom have a long history. This book explores why, for centuries, scholars have considered intellectual autonomy essential for the pursuit of truth and the advancement of knowledge.

The Global Universities Network (GUNED) is a non-profit confederation of 500 research-intensive universities founded in 2020. It provides financial and infrastructural support to member universities to support international research collaboration and academic flexibility.


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